Stretch marks. These two words can make any woman melt with fear. It does not mean that they fear the word, they fear the meaning of the word on their bodies. Stretch marks are streaks of marks on the skin. They can begin or appear as reddish or purple lesions anywhere on the body especially the thighs, stomach, underarms and upper arms. They are mostly caused by distension of the skin either by obesity or pregnancy.

Ways of preventing stretch marks development

Eat a healthy dietskincareleftsdfgh

One of the main causes of stretch marks is weight gain. Although weight gain is unavoidable during pregnancy, we can beat stretch marks by maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy, and this can only be done by healthy eating. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, lean meat and carbohydrates is a sure way of keeping the excess weight off. Therefore, eat reasonably with a conscious mind knowing that too much weight means stretch marks.

Massage your body often

Massaging should not be left during pregnancy but should be done by any woman wishing to live stretch marks free. Massaging helps in blood circulation on the skin a process that can greatly prevent stretch marks. Regular massaging will eventually keep our skin stretch marks free no matter the situation.

Drink plenty of water

One of the common cause of stretch marks especially during pregnancy is poor skin hydration caused by an inability to drink enough water. Water is critical in keeping your skin hydrated from inside out. You not only hydrate the skin but keep your skin from cracking, drying out and susceptible to all kinds of breakouts. Hydration keeps all these ugly symptoms away keeping your skin smooth and spotless at any moment in your life.

Regularly, moisturize your skin

Investing in a moisturizer can save your skin from nasty skin conditions like stretch marks. During your pregnancy when you are more susceptible to stretch marks, always remember to moisturize your skin often. Even when you are not pregnant, apply your moisturizer. Most moisturizers are loaded with the right vitamins and elements necessary to fight stretch marks and other skin conditions keeping your skin healthy.

Maintain a healthy weight

skincareleftsdfghObesity and weight gain are key contributors of stretch marks. To avoid this, maintain your weight by exercising regularly to keep the extra fat off your body. If you are pregnant, however, adding weight according to the doctor’s recommendations is the best. No eating for two, just eat healthily and eat until full. Do not overeat because too much unnecessary weight even during pregnancy can make you get stretch marks.

For you to fight stretch marks even before you get them, teach yourself to follow these simple guidelines. It costs nothing to prevent stretch marks. It will only cost you your obedience, consistency, and commitment to keeping these awfully looking strips and marks off your skin for good.